Our Captured Hearts

    The Poetry of Equus  Volume I

From the enduring echo of horses' hooves pounding down through time and across the vast lands of Mother Earth, this collection of poetry is born. Come run with the Wild Ones. Listen with your soul. And hear the poetry in the echo of their hooves.
This collected work of poetry honoring the horse, and the intertwining lives of horse and human being, spans a lifetime of experiences. Since childhood, the love of the horse has been a deep well of inspiration, and the desire to see him treated with the respect and kindness that is his due is an undying passion from which springs a poetic voice.

It is an unshakeable conviction that this world could be and ought to be a better place for all of us, whether we run on two legs or four. And whether we speak with words, or with the silence of our soul.

Through my poetry, I hope to speak to those who hear and understand. And I hope, ultimately, to speak to those who need to hear and need to understand.

For it was long, long ago that my heart was captured, and with all those who know that special love and admiration for the free and gentle spirit called Horse, we share our captured hearts.

May we all be blessed to live in freedom and grace,

                                           Barbara Anne Dunn


                       The Inspiration

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